Monday, July 20, 2020

"Happy thoughts" Take 2!

So, after making another card, I still have some paper background paper left, stamping Concord & 9th turnabout stamp, I got this design using this scrap and other scraps right away! I think it came out pretty well, using all those scraps! lol I sent this to my former boss. She lives in Hawaii also, and she loves the 'tropical designs".  
I took the picture of the card I first made with this new card. You can see when I said I used the scraps! Whenever I can use up the scraps and still make good cards, it's very satisfying! lol 
Thank you for stopping by my blog today! "Sending happy thoughts" to y'all!  Hugs, Eve

"Sending Happy Thoughts"

When I made a coffee card for May Swap, I enjoyed using Turnabout stamp from Concord &9th, and I made another background, using the same stamp.  

My best friend's daughter came home from her first year at university late March and never went back due to the semester closure in person. She missed some weeks in fall when she started her 1st year in college due to her illness. So she missed more than other freshman school mates. Her mother mentioned she felt a bit down more cuz she was an only child. I can really relate to that. So, I decided to send this card to cheer her up a little. This card turned out to be a very cheerful card! I received a thank you e-mail from her. The photo doesn't show well but the base and yellow card stock are shimmery card stocks from Lawn Fawn. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Be safe, stay well. Hugs, Eve 

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Happy Birthday!

The recipient is my godmother. Plants are calming, esp. in this unsettling time.. I found this plank background paper in my stash! I can't remember when I bought it.. it must be many years ago... it's 12 x 12, never have used it! I usually make "birthday" themed card, like birthday cakes, balloons, etc, but in this "unprecedented time", "calming effect" type of card would be nice, too, I thought.. besides, all business are closed in her state and her being in "vulnerable" age category, she can't go out to celebrate...
Hope y'all are staying safe & well! 
Thank you for stopping by my blog today. 

Coffee Card Swap for May

My May swap recipient lives in Canada. We are still in unsettling time.. when I saw the stamp set I bought and haven't really used yet, I thought I would use this, to send "happy thoughts"! I enjoyed Concord & 9th turnabouts stamp set! Very tropical. Perfect to send my card from this tropical island. 😊🌴
Sometime I get asked whether I drink Iced coffee only since it's always warm here. I love hot coffee all year around. Most places indoor here has A/C. I only drink iced coffee when I feel hot, like going to the afternoon shift, esp. in summer time. How about you? 

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Have a nice evening! 

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Coffee Card Swap for April 2020

This is the card I made for this month's swap, for the Coffee card group. I was half way done making another card, then, I saw the picture of the mug cup online. Although I can't find the exact picture I saw before making this card, I found the picture which showed the mug cup I saw, at least. 
I don't have a nice handwriting and had to look at the font of the stamps I had, to write this sentiment. Since we are in quarantine, I thought this was even more appropriate!
After I made this card, I thought to myself.. why didn't I use the computer and printer to write this sentiment??... lol.. next time 😊
The bamboo frame and leaf stamps are quite old, when there was no clear stamp nor cling stamp existed! But boy, their quality is so good that they still stamp every well! I found the "woven" background paper in my paper stash which has many "old" papers.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Stay safe! Eve 

Happy Easter!

Well.. a week delayed post. I'm sure that most of you "went" to Easter Sunday Service online...

This is the only Easter card I made this year... I just wanted to say "Blessings" to my godmother in this unsettling time.. Made it very simple. Shimmery card stocks, background paper & glitter paper are all from Lawn Fawn. Love using these colors this year for the Easter card. I die cut the sentiment from one of my packaging of Lancome cosmetics I keep! They come in gold, antique gold, silver, black, coated black, and so on. I keep them for mainly die cutting since the paper I could use are not that large, cutting off the original wordings of Lancome. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Stay safe! 

Happy St. Patrick's day, Part 2 2020


Well, this is a month delayed posting. .. oh well... Since 3.17.2020, lots have been happening.. that was the last day at work... now all quarantined.. 

I love making St. Patrick's day card. I sent this to my godmother. 

Background paper was from my long time hoarded stash, and so are the specialty papers for the rainbow. 
It's kinda trend now to have white embossed sentiments on the black cs. I like how this card turned out with black cs strips 😊 

Hope you & your family are staying healthy! 🙏
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