Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sorry for not posting sooner...


It's been more than 6 weeks I hadn't post anything on my blog. Some of you may know that my life got really busy with unexpected turns. I've found some time to stamp meanwhile but I'm in a different location now, and not only I don't have full tools & stamps, but also, I haven't found the right location for taking good pictures (with lighting and all). And today, I wanted to post Something else other than the card because I was very happy yesterday! Many of you know that I luv to watch Football, mostly, COLLEGE!, esp. My College!! I kind of lost any interest in Pros' after Dan Marino retired from Miami dolphins, and ever since, I watch NFL, with the teams I luv my fav. Players are playing for, just because I luv to watch their Awesome Plays! There are more I can talk about NFL, but today's post isn't about Football but rather the BEST of NHL players, coming back to the game, after 10 months of absence from suffering the Concussion! Sidney Crosby, the Pittsburgh Penguins' Captain suffered the concussion, and was absent from the game til yesterday, Nov.21, 2011. (against Islander's game). He came back last night, and played HAPPILY, and GREAT as he used to play!! I didn't have the access to the full game but watched the highlights, interviews, and other video clips from this game, and he looked so happy, as We All Penguins' Fans were!! I always feel so sorry who suffers from any kind of injuries from any kind of games. But this one hit hard, because not only Penguins is MY TEAM but also he is the best of best (active) NHL players, and yesterday's comeback drew the attention, not only nationally but internationally also. Yes, he is the best of best Ice Hockey players, and the World knows about him! So, I just wanted to post this, because I was very happy too. He scored 2 goals, had 2 assists and we won 5-0 over NY Islanders! :-)
I never cared for NHL til 3 years ago, when "someone" (wink wink!! ;-) ) took me to the game in Pittsburgh. And that year, Penguins won Stanley Cup (like winning Super Bowl for NFL, in case you aren't familiar with Ice Hockey). I was there in Pittsburgh, when they had a Victory parade in downtown. After that year, Winter Olympics took place, and watched Ice Hockey. I wanted US to win but Canada took the Gold medal, and Sidney Crosby was the best player there, too, from Canada. Then, earlier this year, Winter classics also took place in Pittsburgh, where Sidney Crosby got first hard hit which also caused his concussion and had to leave the rest of the season & this season til yesterday.
Anyways, thank you very much for stopping by today, and I'm sorry that this wasn't the post with my card but wanted to share my happiness from last night! Have a great day~~ :-)
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