Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fellow House Mousies...& Cross stitchers!

HM will be introducing 20 cross stitch charts in 2010! This is a very good thing! You can check it out at Also, this march, they are introducing 28 new rubber stamps!! you can check them out at

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Perfect Pearls on House Mouse Stamp Images

A HM club member asked me how i use perfect pearls on my HM image. We can do lots of things with PP but from the top of my head, right now, i colored CONFETTI which you find lots in HM stamp images, very recently, with PP. You put some PP into the pallet, and add a tiny drop of water, & mix. You can use it, like acrylic paintings. Also i recently used "Perfect Sparkle" which is one of my most fav. color in PP, as STEAM from the drinks, and water from shower. You can find steam & water in HM stamps a lot. The stamped image shows "----", so i use perfect pearls medium PEN (not the inkpad), to write over those "----", and put that color & dust with the brush. It shows that you did something BUT not too much, cuz they are steam & water, it should not pop up in the image, anyway. But i always get the compliment, doing that. I just love subtle simmering on my card/image. And PP does that, in my opinion, and on HM stamp, it gives the Sweet look! What do you think??

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Findings!

I was always wondering WHAT THAT metal gadget was for, the one which i've seen at nearby craft store, but never stopped to take a look at the package closely to read. It looks like the metal gadget i have, to make an extra hole on my leather belts. Anyways, today, i found out what it's called, "itop Tool" from imaginisce. And now i learned how to use, and now i want it! lol Make it short, it's a BRAD maker. I can make the customized brads, from small to large! This is now in my wish list! You can click this website for it's video clip (by Mr. Tim Holtz).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Product at CHA, 2010

I just learned that Ranger is introducing a new color set of Perfect Pearls, which has been one of my most fav., and the name is CAFE! I love this name, although, it's not all brown! All 4 colors looks pretty! Can't wait!
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