Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Penny black Sat. Challenge wk119

This week's challenge is the sketch you see here. I could add MORE of everything on this card, but i TRIED to follow the sketch as close as possible...lol... i used the gel pen to give the shimmer on the ribbon for the gift box. Unfortunately the pic. doesn't show it well...Sentiment & main image were adhered with 3D glue dots, to give both more dimention. i luv PB's cat... it always give me a smile :-)

Monday, September 20, 2010

"Unplanned Sketch Swap" at HM group

This is the card i made for this swap. Unfortunately the card got lost in the mail, and i made the new one, with the same design. Today, i got an e-mail that she received the NEW one i sent a week ago :-) So, now i'm posting my card here :-) This photo is the first card i sent, to my recipient. This time, only the difference from the last one was that i used a bit lighter color green Card stock for the base, cuz i ran out of the one i used for my first card... When i go shopping for papers & card stocks, i randomly chose ones which appealed to me, that time.. So i usually don't have the same card stock nor the paper in stock. I used Christmas Red stickles for "christmas lights" on the tree, to look more festive :-) I really luv this HM image! This was a gift from my online friend :-)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

HM & friends monday challenge 78

Happy 2year Birthday!! They are celebrating on their blog, and this is the special sketch for this week. Also they are having blog hop :-) I rotated the original sketch by 90 degrees. My camera doesn't focus on this card at all with the sunlight for some reason unknown, and i had to use the flash, and that made Happy Hopper whiter than actually is :-( And other images too... :-( I punched out the leaves from the orange strip in the middle, attached on the corner of the main image, with 3D glue dots. Then i DOUBLED the glue dots to adhere the pumpkin button, to give more dimention. ...so, are you feeling "Fall is in the air", like him?? ;-)

Mojo Monday 156

This is my card for this weeks sketch challenge at Mojo Monday. Cat, tombstones & spider webs were heat embossed. 2 Bats are brads. I took this pic. in 3 days in different time but the pic. doesn't show the colors of CS & papers well... This year & last year, i'm more into Scary cards than Cute cards, i used to make for halloween. ;-)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

12 Places To Go IF The World Goes To Hell

wow, and #3 is GUAM!! I'm not sure i should be happy about it or not... lol :-) Please read the article & other 11 places they chose, in Business Insider @ http://www.businessinsider.com/12-places-to-go-if-the-world-goes-to-hell-2010-9

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Penny Black Sat. Challenge wk118

This week's theme is MEN/BOYS. I hardly make this kind of cards, but when i saw this stripe paper about a month ago, i thought this would be great for boys card so i bought it, even i didn't plan to use it anytime soon. And here it is. I could use it for this card for this theme at PB challenge! :-) I used Souffle pen from Sakura for those white tiny dots by the party hats. I didn't mean to buy this pen but when i was looking for another kind of pen, the store clerk introduced me, and i tried it in the store, and i liked it, so i bought it. I haven't used it often but i like how it looks when it dries, very much. It's like gel pen (opaque) but has more Clear Plastic look to it, giving a FUN look! :-) Hope i can use this pen more often! :-) i used glitter glue (sparkle) on the top of the party hats, and used baby blue glitter glue on the lines on party hats. Main image is attached with pop up glue dots.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Simon Says... Holiday Fun!

This week's theme at Simon Says challenge is "Holiday Fun"! Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas! so i made a Halloween card. I used the leaf punch which has the the similar image of the stamp i used, on the background. Then i used that leaf stamp, to stamp OVER the punched leaf images so that they don't look plain, but rather, "real". Those 2 leaves & sentiment were attached with pop up glue dots to give a bit of demention.

Friday, September 10, 2010

HM Bookmark Swap

I participated in the bookmark swap at HM yahoo group. On the front, i masked all images, incld. ribbons on the kite string! They are very small to make them as a mask! Then i used my MOST fav. Printworks Cloud template to make billow clouds. I did Paprepiecing on the kite's dots design. That took me a while too cuz some of those paperpieces are teeny-tiny!! I put those tiny pieces to Xyron. I put white flocks on the rabbit tail :-) oh, yes, i had to make 3 bookmarks, NOT only one! On the back, i stamped the sentiment. I chose these colors (light sky blue and yellow), to brighten the recipients day whenever they use this bookmarks! :-) I laminated them so that these will be sturdy. Hope the recipients will enjoy using it in their books! :-) ps. the white spot on the back is the flashlight from the camera, reflecting on the plastic lamination. I took the pic.without the flash but the color was a bit different from the real color, so i had to use this pic. instead...

Mojo 155

After going to nearby craft stores & having a couple of cold nights already, i got inspired by Halloween! Last year, i was RESISTING Fall to come...lol... this year, summer came a bit early, and warm (locals say "HOT"), so although i still luv SUMMER ALL YEAR AROUND, this year, i could accept FALL was near...lol.. I took probably 20 pics. for this card, in 2 days, in different times, with different Natural Lightings from the window, this card just doesn't show well on the pic. with these colors on the card...:-( I gave up. This is the best among more than 20 pics. i took ... I stamped 4 diamond shape stamp, to make a harlequin background paper, and heat embossed, as well as the gravestone on the tag, and the main image. I stamped spider webs & spiders but no heat embossing. I don't have a bat stamp but fortunately i had bat BRADS on hand :-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

PB Sat. Challenge wk117

... is a color combo of Purple, Cream & Brown! I haven't made a card with this Pansy image for such a long time! Saying stamp is Hero Arts. I didn't think Purple & Brown can go together but i'm glad i could make a card with this challenge :-) I used yellow stickles on the center of the flowers. Sentiment is heat embossed, attached with pop up glue dots, but can't tell on this pic. lol :-) oh, yea, the card stock color of main images are both CREAM :-)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

House Mouse Monday Challenge #77

"Make a Splash!" is this week's challenge, and i thought of this image right away! I don't own this stamp but when i received it from my online friend, THE IMAGE WAS WAITING for me to make a card with it! lol! I used my now fav.Sakura Quick glue pen to adhere the light blue glitter from Stampendous for water from the shower., and in fact, it looks great, better in person! Those "water splashes" are stickers. I bought them to make a scrapbook page that theme was GUAM, to give it as a gift :-) and those were the leftovers from that project. I hardly use Stickers on my cards but this case, i am happy how the card was turned out, using those "splashes" :-)

EVE - 9898

I went to TARGET yesterday, and i saw the car with license plate of "EVE-9898"!!! I usually carry a camera wherever i go, in my purse, in case i run into something Interesting and can take a pic. of. Anyways, today, for some reason, i thought of bringing a camera. but i knew i was only going to Target for a few things, and decided to leave my camera... well, i was wrong! I saw this car, and i was very dissappointed that i didn't have a camera. Anyways, About 2 hrs later, i had to drive to downtown, i saw this license plate, waiting for the green light to go to the left, in the left lane!! and i stopped for the red light to go straight!! I thought, "WOW"!!! and this time, i had a camera with me, and while we both were waiting for the green light, i took my camera out from the purse, but then light for them changed to green, and this is the QUICK shot i took from the car.!! as it was meant for me to take a pic. of !! How often do you run into the same car on the main road, and, it is like 15 mins. away from the place i first spotted, 2 hrs later! Since i'm uploading this pic., i thought of another pic. from a couple of weeks ago. I parked in front of the bank, where there are a couple of spots, which is parallel to the bank's front, and this lady parked right in front of me, almost the same time. And i saw "4EVER-WVU"!! That time i had a camera with me, and i took this pic. (i graduated from WVU). Anyways, these are the pics. I though those were funny, esp. to me!
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