Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mint Chocolate COLOR swap

HM club i belong to held "mint chocolate COLOR swap", and this is the card i made. Chocolate stamps are from Penny Black. Again, i love the colors of card stock i chose; really Mint Chocolatey! :-)

PB Birthday card/March #1

i really wish my camera takes a great pic., esp. the colors, cuz this birthday card turned out to be very bright & cheerful with beautiful hues of yellow shades but it doesn't show it well... anyways, the stamp is from Penny Black. I used my fav. Blending block inkpad (shades of yellow) for background flower stamping. I also colored the ribbon with perfect pearls.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm not an Irish but i have a fond memory from my childhood when it comes to "shamrock". So, i like St. Patrick's Day. From College time, i remember Green Cookies & Green Beer, and in recent years, i remember the BIG St. Patrick's Day Block Party in Honolulu, HI, although the weather wasn't good... (in Honolulu HI, Halloweeen & St. Patty's day celebration is big!) today, it's sunny here in western PA, and the temp. is upper 50F!

These cards are for this year's St. Patty's day. The first one was for my NON stamper friend, and other 5 were for HM club members. Hope those cards brought Good Luck to the receipients! FYI, i used liquid applique for the foam of beer on the first card. Those COINS are shiney in person. I just used gold gel pen to color them. I used the Cloud Punch, punched on moonlight white Brilliance inked vellum, to give just a bit of color & texture. Pot of Gold stamp is from old Darcie's.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Le Whif - inhalable chocolate and coffee ok, hats off to the professor of Harvard University, to invent this, and will launch its products in cities nationwide and abroad, including London and Tokyo. People in Tokyo loves anything NEW & Different, so i have a feeling it will be a hit for a while. Although I still would love to BITE, LICK, and enjoy the melting part of chocolate in my mouth, i thought of the pros (for me), cuz i first thought this was weired. Anyways, pros are 1. good for the teeth, no need to brush your teeth after eating, less cavities 2. For Coffee flavor, similar pros; Not coloring the teeth. As you all know, Tea & Coffee (and red wine, too if you drink on daily bases) would stain your teeth after many years of drinking. I do get crave for chocolate sometimes but my worries isn't the calories but the cavities. So I might try to see whether i can get the same "FEELING" inhaling than actual eating.

Monday, March 8, 2010

HM Birthday Card/March #1

The recipient asked me how i colored those each hearts confetti outside & inside of the jar with. I used Perfect pearls with water. Cuz of my camera, it dosen't show well, but it's really shimmery & "pastel" color card.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

House Mouse Cards for Swaps in February

These are for the swaps i participated, in House Mouse club; One Image Swap ("Berried") and Unused Stamp Swap ("You snooze You lose"). First card, i stamped little butterflies from Penny Black stamp. Those grass are attached with foam adhesive, to give the dimension. Green layer is to give the extension of the greens of the berries, and stamped the leaves. Second card, the openings of the card overlap slightly. Pink Flower Ribbon is attached, and also cut two of those flower from the ribbon, put the gems in the center, attached them by ice cream images. I punched out tiny hearts to embellish, both side of the ribbon. Inside, i attached the same hearts by the saying.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Girls Day or Japanese Dolls' Festival, "HINAMATSURI"

Today, March 3rd is GIRL'S DAY in Japan, although it's not a National holiday, while Boy's day/Children's day on May 5 is a national holiday...not fair, huh??!! Formerly, people believed the dolls possessed the power to contain the bad spirits, and they started to display these special dolls about 1300 years ago. ...yea Japan has a long history... if you want to know more about it, you can find it at You can see the pics of those dolls display there too. The pic. i've attached here is the dolls i made, some years ago, imitating those top two (couple) of many dolls, usually being displayed on red carpet, but i made them in my CUTE way! When i visited Japan about 10 years ago, i bought Chirimen (special fabric for making, like kimono - japanese traditional dress, although it's not the same) which is beautiful! They have different kinds & colors of Chirimen. I wish i could take a pic.Closer but they are still back in Guam. I love these dolls i made. Somebody asked me to sell it, and i said i wouldn't sell even they pay me $1,000.00! Those dolls i made are small, taking the space of maybe, 8" wide & 6" tall. Not because those fabrics were rather expensive, but i made them in details. It was difficult to sew that chirimen which is rather slippery, like silk. Anyways, i just remembered it today, on March 3rd.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

US Postal Service stopping Saturday delivery & a plan for rate increase??

How horrible!! I understand US postal service is not making money due to the increase of e-mails, BUT, for us, Stampers, this is horrible! I'm already paying more than $.44 for Embellished Cards :-(

Monday, March 1, 2010

I learned something else about February in Pittsburgh, and No Wonder...

i've been in hibernation mode...only 55hrs of some sun!! which is like 4 1/2 days out of 28days! ... the average of high temp. in this february was 33F instead of the average is 39F. And 22 days of Trace of Snow...again, February only had 28days...:-(

February in Pittsburgh

Finally horrible February is over...although, it's snowing outside today, on March 1...we got 48.7" of snow in this February which is the snowiest month on the record. The previous snowiest month it recorded here was in January, 1978, which was 40.2"! That was when Global Warming wasn't talked much... Between February 5~6 alone, we got 21.1"! By the end of February, we are #3 in the SNOWIEST WINTER record... #1 is the year 1950... back then, everybody got more snow everywhere (i remember when i was a child...definitely more snow). I just want snow to STOP!!!

JapaDog on Weather Channel I finally found the video clip which i missed when it was aired on weather channel, which is my TV DEFAULT! lol! I love hotdog & i like Japanese food, so maybe i'll try to make it in my own version BUT i'm sure i can't imitate the sauce since i've never had one! Apparently everybody around the world enjoyed it who went to see the Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. Here is the video clip!
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