Saturday, November 9, 2013

2 Thanksgiving cards

hello~ finally I made Thanksgiving cards. When I do have time, I always make these cards for two people, very dear in my life, cuz I'm thankful for them. :)
This is to my godmother in VA. I could've put shimmer, etc. but to me, "thanksgiving" makes me to think "primitive" than "sparkling", so I used the burlap and twine. It's hard to tell from the picture but all images are attached with pop up glue dots, so it has more depth than it shows on the picture, incld. the paper strip of pumpkins on the bottom.

This is for my best friend, also in VA. I cut stumps on the designer paper, distressed them, and glued them. Pop up glue dots were used for all other elements on this card.
Pictures aren't great today... maybe cuz it's already in the afternoon... usually I take a picture of the card in the morning. ...
Hope you all are having a great weekend :) Me? I'm heart broken cuz my team has just lost the game in OT, very close game to the end... I watch football & ice hockey INTENSELY, and I get tired after the game, esp. when we lose... haha....
Now FINALLY time for making Christmas cards! :) Eve

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2 Thank you cards

Hello, friends, today, I would like to share two "thank you" cards I made.
 I've been wanted to use these two Hero Arts stamps (flower~Solid/non Solid) I ordered last Christmas, but due to my "life's complication" (as always.), I finally got these in my hand, and could stamp! Since it's "fall" in US mainland, I used "early fall colors" (to me :)) . I used two different colors of pearl pens for the center of the flowers. This is going to my Godmother's sister in Richmond, VA who let me stay at her house for 4 nights, in very short notice (long story). The last time I stayed in Richmond is 1986! Time surely flew...and flying by even faster every single day!

For this, I used current trend, "Bokeh" technique. You can check it here. This is fun stamping! I used three different colors of die ink. I used gel/shimmer pen to randomly draw "sparkles". I'm also sending this to my Godmother's son who took me to the dinner one night in Richmond. I met him when he was 7 years old. Now he is ...41? I saw him at his sister's wedding some years ago but didn't have enough time for chatting. Before that, I saw him when he was in middle school... like 13 years old?. ... We did catch up the past, this time tho :)

Hope you are having a nice evening. Thank you for stopping by. :) 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

3 Sympathy Cards

I don't think anybody likes making Sympathy cards, neither do I... esp. when I had to make three at once, when I finally found the time to stamp, 10 months later... but I did. Here are my cards.

So...I only stamped the sentiment. haha...I used Pearl Pen to make pearls on two butterflies cards. For the 3rd card, I 'free cut' the coffee mug, because the deceased loved coffee so much. Last couple of years, she's been in and out of hospital and she always mentioned she couldn't wait to have coffee at home.... :) This card is a bit different. I couldn't take the picture of inside of coffee mug because I already wrote the message before taking pictures.. but that is the part you open, and read the message, not opening the last white cs layer. In fact, it's only ONE white card stock, nothing to open, so, it's kinda hard to keep it stand... inside, I used spellbinders nestabilities to cut the nice shape from white CS so that I could stamp the short sentiment and my message to the recipient.  
So, now off to Thank you and Thanksgiving cards :) I love to make those cards! :)
Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Have a great Sunday! (ok, it's already Sunday in Guam. ;))  Eve

It's been 10 months since I blogged the last...

yes, lots have happened, again, in last 10 months. Not so much Good News to share but in difficult times, I still found several "highlights" which I want to share, before uploading my new cards in next blog post.
The first stop was Tokyo, Japan, in June, to visit my mother. I hadn't been there for 8 years, even Guam is much closer than US mainland. I had a lunch with one of my old friends from college at Wolfgang Puck cafĂ© restaurant. I hadn't seen her for over 10 years.... even we've kept in touch. The 2nd stop was Denver, CO, via Vancouver, Canada. I didn't choose Air Canada but my Mileage gave me the choice of different itineraries, and the one I chose was to fly by Air Canada between Tokyo to Vancouver. This was my first time to fly by Air Canada, and I loved it! :) I really wished I had more time to EXPLORE in Vancouver in Canada but didn't... then, to Denver, CO. I was there for 3 months. Unfortunately "living situation" became a nightmare, and I had to leave, but here are some highlights from Denver.
This is Coor's brewery. I'm not a beer drinker but if I drink, I drink Coor's light and until only 2 weeks before my departure, I didn't know it was only 15 mins. drive from where I was going to stay. I had the most fresh Coor's light at brewery! :)

I'm not a Broncos fan but luv to watch football game. My most fav. NFL player, Wes Welker (WR) from Patriots moved to Denver from this summer, so since I was in Denver, I decided to visit their summer camp to watch Wes Welker, in person! It was AWESOME!!

Then one day, I saw the article on the Garden of Gods online. So, I drove an hour to get there. It was beautiful! I wish I could've stayed there for a couple of nights, to just relax...

As a stamper, this was a dream come true :)  Stamps by Judith needed someone to help their booth at Scrapbook Expo in September, and I got the job, for two full days! Altho I didn't have any time to visit other booths, I was surrounded by stamps & stampers/scrapbookers, and that was awesome! I got some new friends too :)

Then, the whole month of September, every weekend, I spent Great time with my fellow college alumni members in Denver, to watch our football games! That was awesome too!! I went to college in east coast. Never imagined that there were many alumni members in Denver & Colorado. I'm glad I found them, and could spend some time with them! :) Now I miss that group...
The last but not the least is the earlier service at this church. Their 11o'clock service is traditional but I luved their casual service, starting at 9. I really enjoyed the early service in this church :)
Then I flew to Richmond, Va, kinda 2nd home to me, visiting my godmother, her family, and my best friend & her daughter. It was very tiring (emotionally & physically, both!) but I'm glad I found several things which I could enjoy. :)
Now I'm back in a tropical island... tomorrow, I plan to post Three Sympathy cards I made. ... Unfortunately I had to make "Sympathy" cards right after I came back to Guam, rather than "Thank You" cards I wanted to make for a couple of people...
Hope you all are having a great weekend! :) with Much Love, Eve 


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