Friday, March 12, 2010

Le Whif - inhalable chocolate and coffee ok, hats off to the professor of Harvard University, to invent this, and will launch its products in cities nationwide and abroad, including London and Tokyo. People in Tokyo loves anything NEW & Different, so i have a feeling it will be a hit for a while. Although I still would love to BITE, LICK, and enjoy the melting part of chocolate in my mouth, i thought of the pros (for me), cuz i first thought this was weired. Anyways, pros are 1. good for the teeth, no need to brush your teeth after eating, less cavities 2. For Coffee flavor, similar pros; Not coloring the teeth. As you all know, Tea & Coffee (and red wine, too if you drink on daily bases) would stain your teeth after many years of drinking. I do get crave for chocolate sometimes but my worries isn't the calories but the cavities. So I might try to see whether i can get the same "FEELING" inhaling than actual eating.

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