Saturday, January 23, 2010

Perfect Pearls on House Mouse Stamp Images

A HM club member asked me how i use perfect pearls on my HM image. We can do lots of things with PP but from the top of my head, right now, i colored CONFETTI which you find lots in HM stamp images, very recently, with PP. You put some PP into the pallet, and add a tiny drop of water, & mix. You can use it, like acrylic paintings. Also i recently used "Perfect Sparkle" which is one of my most fav. color in PP, as STEAM from the drinks, and water from shower. You can find steam & water in HM stamps a lot. The stamped image shows "----", so i use perfect pearls medium PEN (not the inkpad), to write over those "----", and put that color & dust with the brush. It shows that you did something BUT not too much, cuz they are steam & water, it should not pop up in the image, anyway. But i always get the compliment, doing that. I just love subtle simmering on my card/image. And PP does that, in my opinion, and on HM stamp, it gives the Sweet look! What do you think??


Jax said...

Brilliant, i must give it a try, thanks Eve

Jax - uk

Eve said...

thank you for the compliment, Jax. Enjoy your PP!

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