Friday, March 4, 2011

3 Sweet Surprises!!

well, today, i received the e-mail notification from my flickr, that Kelly-Marie FAV.this card which I made & uploaded it a week ago. Kelly-Marie is the owner of Lawn Fawn. I just thought that was nice. Then later, when i was checking Blogger, I realized she fav. it cuz she picked my card in First Fawny Flickr Friday on her blog! What a sweet surprise!!

Earlier this week, I received Stylish Blogger Award from 2 people (Cricketscreations & HandmadebyTLC) by Surprise, too! Thank you all for making my week Sweeter :-) To accept this award, I need to pass the award to 8 stylish blogs and list 8 things about myself.

  1. I am an Island Girl & also a City Girl

  2. I was a Mountaineer only during my college years

  3. I luv making cards & dolls, and sewing

  4. I luv Swimming & Snorkeling

  5. I luv SUMMER

  6. I'm Multilingual

  7. Nature inspires me the most!

  8. I luv Baking!... well, I luv EATING FRESHLY baked sweets so I bake! LOL!

The following are my picks for the Stylish Blogger Award:










Sue from Oregon said...

Oh Congrats on your award Eve! Lovely card Island girl!

Elizabeth Allan said...

Congratulations Eve. Wonderful card.

Sparkly Engineer said...

Yeah! Couldn't happen to a better artist. Congratulations. I am soooo happy for you.

Thank you for choosing my blog to pass the award on to. I really appreciate it.

Virginia L. said...

I ADORE this SWEET card from LF!!I'm not surprised that Kelly Marie chose it to be featured! Belated congrats! Thanks so much for the blog award!! I'm truly honored and pleasantly surprised about the award!! (YAY! I'm STYLISH!!!)! I am now following your blog and I can't wait to see what you come up with next! PS: I have #1,#6 and #8 in common with you :)

susanne said...

Gorgeous card! I love your blog Eve, it's so pretty!! And I appreciate your Daily Blessing too :) !

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