Sunday, September 5, 2010

EVE - 9898

I went to TARGET yesterday, and i saw the car with license plate of "EVE-9898"!!! I usually carry a camera wherever i go, in my purse, in case i run into something Interesting and can take a pic. of. Anyways, today, for some reason, i thought of bringing a camera. but i knew i was only going to Target for a few things, and decided to leave my camera... well, i was wrong! I saw this car, and i was very dissappointed that i didn't have a camera. Anyways, About 2 hrs later, i had to drive to downtown, i saw this license plate, waiting for the green light to go to the left, in the left lane!! and i stopped for the red light to go straight!! I thought, "WOW"!!! and this time, i had a camera with me, and while we both were waiting for the green light, i took my camera out from the purse, but then light for them changed to green, and this is the QUICK shot i took from the car.!! as it was meant for me to take a pic. of !! How often do you run into the same car on the main road, and, it is like 15 mins. away from the place i first spotted, 2 hrs later! Since i'm uploading this pic., i thought of another pic. from a couple of weeks ago. I parked in front of the bank, where there are a couple of spots, which is parallel to the bank's front, and this lady parked right in front of me, almost the same time. And i saw "4EVER-WVU"!! That time i had a camera with me, and i took this pic. (i graduated from WVU). Anyways, these are the pics. I though those were funny, esp. to me!

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