Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Orange Bowl ~ My School Won BIG!

Many of you know that I'm a BIG college football fan. Of course, I LUV my school. Unfortunately 83% people thought that Clemson would beat us but we, the mountaineers CRUSHED them last night; 70-33!! The BOWL GAME'S RECORD POINTS! This game was my dream came true because I also took a summer course at Clemson! I was looking forward to this game since they started to talk about the chance of these 2 schools going to Orange bowl, after we beat USF, the last game of the season. I bought this t-shirt (on the picture), and wore it with WVU earrings for the game! :-) Clemson got 1st TD, and I thought, uh-oh... but it turned out to be AN AMAZING GAME!! Again, the final score is 70-33!! Great job, guys! :-)


Elizabeth Allan said...

Glad your team won Eve! It must have been all your cheering!

Card Crazy said...

Glad you put this up here. I almost forgot to congratulate you on your BIG win! I watched and cheered and thought of you.
Sue S.
BTW, LUV your new Maggie blinkie!!!

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