Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Simon says... are you all WHITE??

that's the challenge this week, and again, i finally finished it...it's due tonight... I made this card, BUT i really don't like making a card, thinking? SNOW... I can make BEACH/summer cards all year around but NOT the one with the snow... i can do christmas cards, in SUMMER/warmer weather, NOT with the snow... My first warm christmas was back in college time, in Key West, FL. Then Sydney, Australia, and Guam & Hawaii. I have many years of Christmas withOUT snow! lol! anyways, i need to make a card with white so, i thought of SNOW or wedding, and i chose snow... This House mouse image actually has christmas lights over the igloo but i didn't ink those parts, cuz my card had to be all WHITE (or as white as it can be!). So, i HAD to hide the parts i didn't ink, on the igloo with the snowflake punches, with 3D glue dots :-) I used 2 cuttlebug folders. I painted parts of the raised snowflake images with perfect pearls, mixed with water. I also used glitter glue. The light is coming out from the inside of igloo cuz the mice has a little gas heater inside of the igloo, to keep themselves a bit warm! ;-) I wish i could've taken this pic. while sun was still out by the window, but no time. It gets dark outside early these days... so i had to take a pic. with the flash with the regular room light... I also tried to find other sentiiments to go with this image, other than "let it snow" which i really didn't want to use (or say) but surprisingly, there are not many short sayings with snow images...If you can think of other great "short" sentiments, which can go with the snow image, please let me know! :-)

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Katie said...

Hi Eve,

What a neat stamp! I had no idea they had an igloo stamp, those little mice are so cute...I saw awwwh! every time I see them! I never would have guessed you were trying to cover up the lights with the snowflakes, I think it looks really good where you placed them. I like the fact that the mice are the only thing on the card that is colored, it makes for a really serene/peaceful card. I think everyone in the challenge used the cuttlebug swiss dots embossing folder, including me :) (I got mine done just in the nick of time!) Have a wonderful week!


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