Thursday, November 2, 2017

Let's toast!

I made this card for my friend's birthday, who moved to CA, far away from here... 😢 

I really like this Lawn Fawn's stamp set. Well, I love "roasting marshmallows" (or just marshmallows! 😊 ) "Roasting marshmallows" remind me of "fall" in western PA. To me, it's a "Fall" thing. 🍂🍁
The leaves are also from Lawn Fawn. I used the clear nuvo drop for dew on the leaves. 

Congratulations to Astros fans. I don't follow MLB but I know how you feel, a little, being a die hard fan of a sport team, and they won this year (but we won last year, too... ) 55 years is a long wait.... Enjoy the celebration! 



karen adams said...

That's cute!😃

sparkly engineer said...

The embossed smores are totally kewl. Really feeling the fall with this card

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