Saturday, August 21, 2010

Award Day

I received this luvly award from Mary Anne at Sparkly train. I'm so honored she chose me! She has just started her blog but with Great Creations!

There are some conditions i'm very happy to fullfil!

1. Thank the person who sent it - Thank You Very Much, Mary Anne!

2. Post a fav. photo to my page - this is the Gorgeous Sunset in Guam!! I've been around the world, but i must say, Guam's sunset was the most beautiful!! (even more beautiful than hawaii & jamaica!) You all have to go there to ENJOY the gorgeous sunset!!:-) 3. Snatch this award and post it on your blog

4. List three thing you like about yourself - very indepent, outgoing, and like to RAK (to surprise them!)! ;-)

5. Choose 5 fav.blogs to receive this award. (in alphabetical order)

Darcie at "Crafting Darcie"

Pam at "Making Stuff Daily"

Patty at "Patty's Kreativ Seite"

Julia at "Stamping Ground"

I have many more but i have to choose 5, and a couple of people has already received this award, so i didn't include them (i can tell from their blog), even i wanted to...

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